Past Events

May 14, 2024 Annual Meeting and Estate Planning for Pets
Kelley Likes from Pikes Peak Humane Society
March 12, 2024 Corporate Transparency Act
Kurt Brewer
February 13, 2024 Economic Update
Herman Tiemens II
January 9, 2024 General Tax Update and Charitable Giving Strategies
Buddy Newton and Doreen Merz with SKR
December 18, 2023 Winter Social
Social Event
November 14, 2023 Strategic Philanthropic Giving
Margaret Dolan
October 10, 2023 Prenups, Postnups, and Cohabitation
Michael T. Allen
September 12, 2023 Estate and Probate Update
Sarah Stein
August 7, 2023 Summer Social Event
May 9, 2023 Philanthropic Strategies and Immersive Experiences
Ashlee Woods
March 14, 2023 Estate Planning Update
Rob Keyser
February 14, 2023 Prenups-Postnups-Cohab agreements
Josie Faix
January 10, 2023 Good Intentions Can Lead to Unintended Consequences
Jeffrey D. Haskell, J.D., LL.M.
November 8, 2022 2023 Tax Updates
Buddy Newton, Stockman Kast Ryan & Co.
October 11, 2022 SPECIAL NEEDS PLANNING: Creating Positive Outcomes for People with Developmental Disabilities
Rob Wrubel, CFP, AIF AEP, Cascade Investment Group
September 13, 2022 How Working With an End-of-Life Planning Facilitator Will Increase Your Income
Catherine Turner
May 10, 2022 National/State/Local Economic Presentation for 2022
Tatiana Bailey, Ph.D.
March 8, 2022 Business Succession of Family Dynamics and Governance
NAEPC - Susan Rounds
February 8, 2022 Legal and Practitioner Analysis of the "Free Britney" Matter
Catherine Seal
January 11, 2022 Planning for Cryptocurrency
Matt McClintock
November 9, 2021 Tax Round Table
Buddy Newton
October 12, 2021 Charitable Planning/ESG Investing
Andrew Olig
September 14, 2021 Common Law Marriage and The Impact On Estate Planning
Amy Rosenberg
May 11, 2021 The Human Side of Planning
John A. Warnick
March 9, 2021 Best Practices and Trends: Strategies to Jumpstart Your Nonprofit or Foundation
Tim Skelly, Graystone Consulting
February 9, 2021 Electronic Wills: Welcome to the Brave New World
Gordon J. Williams, Attorney at Law
January 12, 2021 Maximizing Low Interest Rate Planning Installment Sales to Intentional Defective Grantor Trusts
Stefanie M. Deters, Esq.; Deters Law, LLC
November 10, 2020 CARES Act and SECURE Act
Buddy Newton, Stockman Kast Ryan
October 13, 2020 An Analysis of Proposals Using Life Insurance
Lawrence Macklin, Esq., Bank of America Private Bank
September 15, 2020 Future Economic Investment Outlook
Lisa Snyder and Amy Kane, Wells Fargo Private Bank
March 10, 2020 VA & Medicaid Benefits: How Not to Interfere
Rabea Taylor
February 11, 2020 Secure Act
Bernie Benyak
January 14, 2020 Decanting
Jessica Broderick
November 12, 2019 Charitable Giving Strategies
Leslie Sabin and Lori Bellingham
October 8, 2019 Business Succession Planning
Connie Smith, JD
September 24, 2019 Philanthropy Symposium by Pikes Peak Community Foundation
September 17, 2019 Opportunity Zones
Trinity Bradley-Anderson and Chelsea Gaylord
May 7, 2019 El Paso County Probate Estate Matters
Magistrates Johnson and Rahaman
March 19, 2019 Unique Assets
Catherine Seal, Attorney
February 19, 2019 Special Needs Trusts, Planning and Resources
Megan Brand from Colorado Peoples Fund for Disabilities
January 15, 2019 Three Things you Need to Know to Not Get Sued
Bernie Greenberg, Attorney and Greta Suneson, Attorney
November 13, 2018 2018 Tax Reform: Tax Cuts & Jobs at a Glance
Robert W. Connor, CPA
October 16, 2018 Colorado Uniform Trust Code
Darla Daniel, Attorney
September 18, 2018 Succession Planning for Farmers and Ranchers
Julie Karavas, Attorney
May 8, 2018 Using ColoradoGives to Inspire Family Philanthropy With Charitable Tax Planning Strategies
Dana Rinderknecht and Lynda Ricketson- Community First Foundation and Steve Marken, JD, CSPG Trustee Services Group
March 20, 2018 Navigating Changes to the Irrevocable Trust
Peggy Gardner J.D. and Morgan Wiener J.D.
February 20, 2018 How to Work with the IRS
Michael Gregory MBS, ASA, CVA, MN Supreme Court Qualified Mediator
January 16, 2018 Special Co-Trustees: What Can the Trust Protector Do?
Chad Spencer and Jessica Showers, Attorneys at Law
November 14, 2017 Life Stories and Legacy
Kirk Woundy, Time Capsule Memoirs
October 17, 2017 The Magic Qualified Retirement Plan Design
Clay Sorrick Jr. MSFS, CLU, ChFC
September 19, 2017 State of the County and How it Effects Small Business Owners
Nicola Sapp
May 9, 2017 Charitable Overlays for Advanced Estate Planning Strategies
Jeanne McMains, J.D.
March 21, 2017 Basic Estate Planning for Non-U.S. Persons
Randy Karsh
February 21, 2017 Hot Fiduciary Litigation Topics
Peggy Gardner, Morgan Wiener
January 17, 2017 IRA's for Decedents and IRA Trusts
Bernie Benyak
November 15, 2016 Immediate Pre-Mortem Planning
Ted Atlass
October 18, 2016 Special Needs Planning
Rob Wrubel
September 20, 2016 Estate Planning Ideas
Dick Oshins
May 10, 2016 Navigating the Portability Election
Jordon Rosen, cPA, AEP
March 15, 2016 Pikes Peak Community Foundation
Steve S. Marken, JD
February 16, 2016 Estate Planning as a Human Right
Sandy F. Kraemer
January 19, 2016 Planning for Digital Assets
Catherine Ann Seal, JD, LLM, CELA
November 17, 2015 Helping to Secure Your Client's Retirement: Transforming Social Security Into A Winning Retirement Strategy
Michael Graci of BlackRock
October 20, 2015 Charitable Pooled Trusts
Jeff Gott
September 15, 2015 Medicaid Planning/Annuity Strategies
John J. Campbell, CELA, MSCC
May 12, 2015 CASA of the Pikes Peak Region
Angela Rose, Director of Programs and Trish St. John, Resource Development Director
March 17, 2015 Regional Economic Update
Tatiana Bailey, PhD, SC Economic Forum
February 17, 2015 A Marriage License Doesn't Come With A Power of Attorney - An Update on Same-Sex Marriage in Colorado
Erica Johnson, Attorney
January 20, 2015 The Beneficiary Defective Inheritor's Trust (BDIT)
Michael Halloran, CFP, AEP, ChFC, CLU
November 18, 2014 Critical Considerations in Estate Planning for Business Owners
John Brown, Business Enterprise Institute
October 21, 2014 The Importance of Income Tax Planning…and the Rebirth of the CRT
Steven S. Marken, JD, CSPG
September 16, 2014 Estate, Tax and Gift Planning with 529 Plans
Vincent Sullivan
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