How Working With an End-of-Life Planning Facilitator Will Increase Your Income

Date: Tuesday, September 13, 2022
Time: 7:30am - 9:00am
Location: 775 W. Bijou St., Colorado Springs
Speaker: Catherine Turner

Speaker: Catherine Turner, Success Concepts Online

Location: The Pinery at The Hill (North entrance) - Breakfast at 7:30a, presentation at 8am)

Meeting fee: $30 (if not prepaid)

Guest fee $30:  First time guests who are eligible for membership are complimentary; second-time is $30


Please email to reserve your spot whether you are attending or not.


ABOUT OUR SPEAKER:  Catherine Turner is a licensed and accredited End-of-Life Planning Facilitator and author of “Create A Legacy of Love: Everything Your Loved Ones Need to Know (When You Can No Longer Tell Them)”.  Committed to spreading the message of “Get Prepared Now!”, Catherine believes that the most loving thing one can do is to have final wishes and sentimental affairs in order, long before death is imminent.  

Her business background, decades of leadership, and passion for this calling make her an asset to all who need to get prepared, as well as Estate Planners and other professionals dedicated to legacy planning.  

Catherine resides in Parker, CO with her partner, Brad and their impossibly adorable Chocolate Lab, Coco.  


The presentation will address estate planner questions such as the following:  Besides taking care of the legalities, what are some other planning processes that would give your clients absolute peace of mind, while unburdening their family members and enhancing their experience working with you?  How can you set yourself apart when it comes to attracting the right clients? What steps do you wish your clients had already completed by the time they meet with you?  What are some of those details your work entails that you’d rather delegate?  If your clients had an urgency mindset toward completing the estate planning process, would that make your job any more efficient?  

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